Lance's 1996 Custom Turbocharged Lincoln Mark VIII

Featured Lincoln Mark VIII - Lance's 1996 Turbo LSC


"While some laugh, I just sit there and enjoy the attention"

Under The Hood  |  Tuning and Datalogging


Back in 2001 my Grandfather purchased this 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC from the original owner for a tall sum of $6,500.00. I grew up in a Ford and Mercedes Benz world, and every since the Mark VIII launched in late December of 1992, it was always a car to have on my list..

My Grandfather and I were in the car business together since 1997. While we traveled the world when I was younger, he bought several, sought after cars enthusiast's wanted. When I was old enough to help out, we would take these cars and rehab them to the point that potential buyers would pay top dollar for them, and better yet, enjoy them. Fast forward to 2006 and my Grandfather was re-diagnosed with cancer and soon passed. While leaving behind a stable of rare, expensive cars to the family. Since no one else in my family was a car enthusiast one bit, they turned to me for help on getting them updated and unloaded.

This worked out quite well actually. On the list of cars my Grandfather wanted me to sell off were some old and rare Mercedes Benz's and a mid-90's Ford Taurus SE, which went to the first $1,000 in my hand. The Mercedes Benz's were both Euro-Spec cars. One being a 1979 450 SEL 6.9L and the other a 1985 500 SEC Widebody Car. Indeed, both extremely rare. The only car that wasn't allowed to be sold is the 1996 Mark VIII LSC you see here. He made me promise not to sell it, but on the same hand, I promised him I would keep it however rehab it like I would want it to be.

Hence the reason I put up this page. No it's not for sale, and yes it is fun to drive. These cars scare people away due to the pure unknown, which is, masses of people not willing to dedicate time and/or money in them. Sure they can become a "beater" really quick and cause you to want to kick it, burn it, turn it in to a pig roaster or blow it up with your stash of artillery but that doesn't mean you should. HA! I know what I am doing here a lot of people would laugh at but so what.. I'd rather be laughed at than frowned at.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to check out my dedication. Hope you enjoy.


Under The Hood:

Since I have a huge turbocharger background in custom head units for Gas and Diesel, I figured A mid-frame custom intercooled single turbo would go nicely under the hood. If I had the fuel system and short block to support the power, this particular build would do 800+ RWHP without an issue. But, IF a frog had wings, he would't bump his ass after every hop either.

This particular head unit started life as a 72mm P Trim T04 turbocharger. I knew that 72mm was efficient enough for 780-850 HP but the turbine itself wasn't. It was decent at around 565 but would have a bit of choke-flow up at the RPM these 4v engines can achieve.

So I put the pen to the paper and figured a cousin of the P Trim turbine would do what I wanted, however, I did not want to run it on high boost (12-16psi is considered high for this setup). So instead I opted-in for the Turbonetics F1-68 10 blade shaft with better blade pitch and machined the compressor cover and seal plate to utilize a custom 80mm/114mm compressor. I was right! Low boost but high CFM = COLD POWERCHARGE/BOOST. What most 72mm units can do, this one can do while operating at a lower RPM (turbo itself) and generate MORE power than the "overworked" unit.

All of this added air is passing thru a bar/plate horizontal flow 4" intercooler, 2.5" aluminum charge pipe and up to the 3" piping, which uses a 90° silicone coupler to the throttle body. All of this actually fits under the factory hood.

The car also uses a 40mm wastegate and recirculated SSQV BOV. Every clamp on the charge pipe is of T-bolt style. V-band is used on all of the exhaust pre-turbo parts.

I am currently running gasoline thru Ford 42# Lightning injectors, AEM 340 LP/H in-tank, Kirban Regulator and 80mm draw thru MAF. While a complete E85 setup is in the works now, it will be a bit before I complete and re-tune. Also, I am running a water/alky injection setup on it.

I also might add this... This whole build cost me less than 1800 bucks. Including the fuel system and tuning. I have accumulated TONS of performance parts over the years and never took the time to sell them off, so I put them to use. Come to think of it, anyone who said I had a problem holding on to stuff I wasn't gonna use can kick rocks!




Tuning and Datalogging


Street Tuned via SCT Eliminator Chip and SCT PRP Software.

Android 6.0 with ELM-327 and custom programmed PID's

Not only does the Android head unit sound decent, have a navigation and reverse camera, more importantly it monitors every PID the Ford ECU has in real-time. Things like STFT's and IAT are very important when building positive pressure in the intake.

Not to mention it can also control the air suspension system, monitor transmission temps, engine temps, altitude and much more.

Every bit of the stock tune has been addressed. Transmission, fuel, spark, adaptive learning.... You name it, I've tweaked it. All thru the SCT 4332 Pro Racer Package.


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