SCT Tune Authorization Form

This Tune Authorization Form is for ALL SCT and STKR Tuning. Read carefully below. It is a copy/paste form you MUST utilize in your email body.

***If you choose the online version form instead, go here.***

  1. Copy/Paste the section below to your email or notepad and add your info in the lines
  2. Enter information regarding your vehicle to be tuned with complete mod list, VIN, YMM.. EVERYTHING
  3. Sign AND Date at bottom (Be sure you read completely)
  4. eMail completed form to
  5. Wait for our response and/or invoice reply
  6. * = REQUIRED

---------FORM START------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please print and scan this file, or enter vehicle info below and send back via email.

*Year - _______________________

*Make - ______________________

*Model - ______________________

*VIN - ________________________

Trim - ________________________

ECU Strategy (If Known. If unknown, type "UNKNOWN") - _____________________

*Complete Mod List (Everything You Can) - ____________________




*Gear Size - ___________________

*Tire Size - ____________________

Altitude If Known - ______________


*Further, please sign and date below to acknowledge receipt terms and conditions of sale and resend back via email.

You understand that this tuning device is changing the engine and transmission functions and oem base tune to the vehicles PCM/ECU (Powertrain Control Module/Engine Control Unit). You also understand in the event of catastrophic failure in the vehicle, with or without the tuning loaded it is not the responsibility of Latemodel Tuning Performance or any of their partnering distributors or companies. You further acknowledge you are using this device at your own risk and not in the State of California on a pollution controlled vehicle.

X____________________________  Date ____-____-________


--------END OF FORM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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