Lincoln Mark VIII ECU Tuning

We offer SCT Devices for the 1993 to 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

The 1993 to 1995 OBD-I cars use the Eliminator Flip Chip and come with 4 Tunes loaded.

The 1996 to 1998 OBD-II cars will utilize a Flash Device and come with 10 Tunes loaded. Or you can opt-in for the Eliminator Flip Chip as well.

If this is something you're interested in, please contact us online, or by calling us at 972-914-9524 with your requirements.

Required Tune Authorization Form

You will need to fill out a tune form before we can invoice you or tune your device. This is a must and should be filled out completely.

Purchase Lincoln Mark VIII Tuning on SCT Devices

This is where you can get your 1993 to 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Tuned by our experienced Mark VIII tuner. Tunes written to your particular mods and driving style.

About The Registry

About The Registry

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Featured Tech Files and Schematics

Featured Tech Files and Schematics

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